What is a Managed Print Service (MPS)?

A Managed Print Service is an arrangement whereby an external service provider like Docucare manages every aspect of your company’s in-house printing infrastructure.

It often involves the consolidation of many lightweight devices, into fewer, larger, higher spec devices that perform better and cost less to run. Instead of buying and storing toner cartridges, you will now pay only for the pages you print each month. Instead of the headache of printer failure and costly downtime, all service and maintenance will be covered by your service provider including preventative maintenance to ensure machines never breakdown.

In the case of Docucare, we are also able to assist you in developing a print policy, which will allow you reduce your print volumes and create individual accountability for print content. After all, it’s people who press “print”, not the devices themselves!  

Docucare’s MPS Process


Arguably the most important part of the process is the initial stage, where we establish the current state of play with your in-house printing. This may start by you using the free assessment tool on our homepage. We will then follow this up with an onsite visit, and discuss your requirements in detail.

Present Findings

Using the information we gather from our on-site visit, along with any feedback we receive regarding future requirements, we will return onsite to present our findings and to propose what we feel is the optimal MPS solution for your business.


Once all details of the solution are agreed, we will set about implementing the solution as efficiently as possible. Device installation can take place as early as 24 hours after contracts are signed.

Maintain & Add Value

Once set up as a Dcucare customer, you will always be under the watchful eye of your dedicated account manager, who will pro-actively monitor your solution and always be available to provide support. Your account manager will always aim to add value to your service and will inform you of any technological or administrative advances that could improve your solution. We encourage ongoing communication in both directions between you and you account manager.

The Benefits of Switching to an MPS solution

Reduced Costs

The cost-per-page print in a typical Docucare MPS solution can be up to 50% lower than managing your printing infrastructure in-house. Your cost per page covers all aspects of your printing requirements, including delivery, installation, networking, service, repair, toners and parts.

Brand New High Spec Printing Equipment

More functions, higher speeds and more efficient performance for everyone in the office.

Remote toner level Monitoring and Automatic Toner Replenishment

No more time wasted ordering cartridges, no more cash tied up in stocks of unused cartridges and no more running out of ink/toner at the wrong time.

Monthly Reporting

Complete transparency of what is being printed and how much it costs on a month-to-month basis.

Service and Maintenance

All service and maintenance including toner and parts is included in you cost per page, meaning no more expensive service call-out charges or downtime.

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